I totally understand — but this is a broader issue than just media. One of my first bosses when I worked in entertainment talked about “the pendulum” of value when it comes to consumer media. It swings back and forth — and Netflix was more valuable to consumers per dollar than the legacy cable bundle, by a long shot. This was primarily subsidized by the shortsightedness of media companies.

Similarly, ridesharing (Uber / Lyft) which has been subsidized by the private markets, are nowhere near profitable, and will have to raise rates in order to be sustainable.

I think we should be thankful that we (as consumers), have been fortunate to have such a great discount for so long, but it’s ignorant to think that it’s forever.

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Writing about entrepreneurship, media, tech, life. Currently associate director @ The Garage, former VC in SF and media strategy in LA. TheRaabitHole.com

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